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Adjacent to Historic South Park
555 2nd Street
San Francisco CA 94107

E. info@lordgeorgesf.com / T. (415) 660-7633

Monday: 4pm - 10pm
Tuesday: 4pm - 12am
Wednesday: 4pm - 12am
Thursday: 4pm - 12am
Friday: 3pm - 12am
Saturday: 3pm - 12am
Sunday: 3pm - 10pm

*Kitchen closes every day at 10pm


During the Prohibition era, many great American barkeeps traveled to Europe to continue practicing their craft (and, let’s face it, keep the party going).

Overseas and over time, the brash and unapologetic American style became polished and gained a new maturity, as we learned from fellow bartenders across the Atlantic.

Inspired by this transformative period in history, at Lord George we aim to treat everyone as Lords and Ladies, while never losing our mischievous nature.


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