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A rotating cocktail series


For the Summer '17 season, we (very) excitedly conspired with the ever-talented Andrew Calisterio, whose magic menu took us all on the ultimate, boozy, family road trip - inspiring everyone to taste their way across the USA (with some secret adventures to be had along the way). 

True to each season's form, Lord George donated 50¢ of every Mavericks cocktail sold to the talent's charity of choice. In this case, Andrew chose St Jude Children's Research Hospital. 



Art by Adam Feibelman / @adam5100 



Coffee Cult - 12

Bourbon, coffee liqueur, vanilla, bitters


Haight Street Fog Cutter - 13

Rum, gin, orgeat, pear, citrus, rosemary smoke


Cactus Cooler - 12

Vodka, aloe, cucumber, lemon


Corn Husker - 11

Whiskey, corn, honey


Boxcar Willie - 11

Gin, Dolin Rouge, grapefruit


Texas Two-Step - 14

Ancho Reyes tequila boot & whiskey Topo Chico highball


Savannah Sun Tea - 12

Gin, Cocchi Americano, lemon, tea


Philly Float - 13

Aquavit, rootbeer, vanilla cream


New York, New me - 14

Calvados, vodka, Lillet


Vermont Cocktail - 13

Jamaican rum, Montenegro, maple, walnut

State of Sunshine - 11

Sparkling wine, Cara Cara oil, orange, lemon




Andrew Calisterio is both a beloved bartender and cocktail Instagram aficionado @BoozehoundCC. You can find him behind the stick at Whitechapel (SF) and in the field as the Northern California brand ambassador for Portland-based House Spirits Distillery.

Andrew’s experience also includes Maven in the Lower Haight and as a consultant on the creation of non-alcoholic cocktails at upscale San Francisco coffee house Mazarine.

Originally from Sacramento, Andrew was a founding member of the Sacramento Bartenders Guild and has played an instrumental role in building and promoting the city’s craft cocktail movement. From 2014-2015, Andrew lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where he served as head bartender at Okra Cookhouse & Cocktails and was named “Best Bartender” by the Phoenix New Times.